Our Story

Hey horsey lover! 👋

I'm Toby, founder of Pony Jet ®.

Back in 2020, I was the turning into a "horsey boyfriend." Forever helping my girlfriend (who is a GB dressage rider) on the yard. Mucking out, hay nets, washing them, turning out, rug on, rug off, boots on, boots off. You name it! I was on it! 

Her grey horse came in from the field one day, I said I would clean him before her show later that day. Rookie mistake...It was a nightmare. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing. Getting drenched. Working tirelessly to get him clean! A bucket and sponge was just not cutting it! 

After, I thought to myself there's got to be a way to make this easier.

I found out most horsey people feel the same us! I set upon our quest to design and develop an animal friendly product, the Ponyjet! To make life easier for equestrians! And horsey boyfriends...

After experimenting for over a year with 100's of styles, shapes and material, we finally designed our Ponyjet.  

It’s not just your horse we're helping, we also donate to horse rescue charities.

That's what Ponyjet is all about - Join the Ponyjet family!