Being able to give my horse a hot water bath is just the best. And bringing it to shows! My life is so much easier. Can't recommend enough 😍

-‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎@jessthomas_sj


The New Ponyjet Hot Shower™

Warm baths for your horses without the cold and stress ever again!

"I was so fed up with using

cold water. My horses love it.

It's so easy to use.

I can take it to shows and

use it whenever!"

-Phoebe Scholtens


Woman standing by a horse washing station against a brick wall.

Easy to install & use

Continuous warm water

Plug, manual, optional wall mount fittings

& connectors all included.

Rendering loop-subscriptions

Select Your Free Plug Type:

Free Worldwide

30 Day Money

Back Guarantee





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Will it work with my set up?

Is it powerful?

Is it CE certified?

Will it work in my country?

The plug it comes with is too short for me, what do I do?

I have another question, how do I contact you?

From non-horsey boyfriend to equine start up founder

Meet Toby, 18 year old rugby & cricket player from Berkshire, UK.

He didn't have a clue about horses! "I thought you just drive pass them slowly and that was it!" - Toby

Met his horsey girlfriend

He was put into tough labour tasks straight away! Mucking out, filling hay nets, turning out, cleaning tack, moving shavings and worst of all...

Constantly washing dirty grey horses!

Hours & hours of hard work. Only to roll straight after each bath. These grey horses would be constantly covered in dirt whenever he was around...

There had to be a solution to make washing and grooming horses easier...

But there was nothing that could help!

PONYJET was born!

Equine care products to make your life and your 4 legged best friend's life easier.

A person holding a rake and scoop, with boxes labeled 'PONYJET' and a warehouse of brown boxes.

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A person walking with a green and white bag in front of a brick wall.A woman cleaning a horse's tail with a hose outside a stable.Person holding PonyJet Lavender Conditioner bottle with grooming supplies in the background.Woman pouring liquid from a bottle into a container outdoors.Person holding PonyJet Stain Remover bottle with equestrian grooming supplies in the background.Smiling woman petting a grey horse near a brick wall with yellow roses.A person in a riding helmet lovingly touches a horse's face inside a stable.Person holding a PonyJet box in a warehouse with stacked products in the background.A person in equestrian attire holding a device labeled 'PONYJET' with a digital display.